Blytheville Baseball/Softball Boosters



Thank you for registering your child to participate in a league sponsored by the Blytheville Baseball/Softball Boosters.  The following dates are important!!!  Your child must participate in the Evaluation Day activities.  On Evaluation Day, he/she will be asked to throw, hit, run and field the ball.  Evaluation Day is necessary so that coaches can choose their players for the various teams.  In order to do that, some estimation of your child’s skill level is necessary.  Please bring your baseball/softball glove.


Evaluation Day Schedule


Super Six Machine Pitch (6 yr. old)         March 11       Blytheville Youth Sportsplex   Blue Field  9:00 am


Rookie (7-8 yr. old)                                    March 4        Blytheville Youth Sportsplex   Field #2 

                            (7 yr old – 9:00 am / 8 yr old – 10:00 am)


Minor (9-10 yr. old)                                    March 4        Blytheville Youth Sportsplex   Field #3 

                             (9 yr old – 1:00 pm / 10 yr old – 2:00 pm)


Major (11-12 yr. old)                                 March 4       Blytheville Youth Sportsplex   Field  #1 

                               (11 yr old – 9:00 am / 12 yr old – 10:00 am)


Junior Babe Ruth (13-16 yr. old)                 March 11       Blytheville Youth Sportsplex    Field  #7    9:00 am


ASA Softball (8u, 10u)                                  March 4, 2:00 pm    Blytheville Youth Sportsplex

ASA Softball (12u, 14u, 16u)                       March 4,  9:00 am   Blytheville Youth Sportsplex


Little League Tee-Ball (4-6)- No Evaluation Required

16 year olds are not eligible for All Star teams (recreational league only)


Team Assignment


Team assignments will occur within two weeks of Evaluation Day.  Coaches and other league personnel will make sure that every player is assigned to a team.  Team assignments are final. No trading of players of teams is permitted after teams are established.  Players will be contacted soon thereafter notifying them on which team they have been placed.  If you have not been contacted by April 1st, please call the appropriate phone number:


Questions for baseball should contact Jonathan Howard at 870-838-5515

Questions for Softball should contact John Beal at 870-622-7114


·         BBSB uniform policy provides that BBSB will furnish a player’s shirt and cap.  Parents will purchase belts, socks, and pants.  At the end of the season, players may keep their entire uniform. 

·         Coaching opportunities are available!!!




In order to maintain a quality, wholesome, and family atmosphere, I do commit my child, my family, and myself to conduct ourselves in a respectable and cordial fashion towards umpires, coaches, league personnel, players and other spectators.  I agree to abide by the rules of the Blytheville Youth Sportsplex facilities and all league rules as established by the Blytheville Baseball/Softball Boosters.  I understand that if I do exhibit verbally or physically abusive, belligerent, disrespectful, uncooperative behavior or other conduct that is deemed inappropriate, I may be penalized up to and including removal from the Blytheville Youth Sportsplex for the duration of the entire 2017 regular and post-season play.


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