Blytheville Baseball/Softball Boosters

2017 League Registration Form


Playerís Name:  ____________________________  Phone:  ___________  Phone:  ________________


Physical Address:  ___________________________________________________________________


City:  _____________________________  State:  ____________   Zip:  _________________


Email Address: _____________________________


Parent/Guardianís Name:  ___________________________________  Work Phone:  ______________


Birthday:  _________________  Grade: __________  Attends School At:  ________________________


Baseball Playing age on April 30, 2017:  _______ Softball Playing Age on December 31, 2016  _______ 


Any medical conditions (ex.:  asthma, etc.) that your childís coach needs to be made aware of?_________




Uniform Shirt information:  Child  XXS(4)   XS(5)    S(6-8)    M(10-12)   L(14-16)   XL (18-20)

                                              Adult   S    M    L     XL   XXL    3X   and    4X


Registered by _____________________ Birth Cert. _____  League Assignment __________


Amount Paid _____________  Cash or ____________D/C Card




         BBSB uniform policy provides that BBSB will furnish a playerís shirt and cap. Parents will purchase belts, socks and pants.  At the end of the season players may keep their entire uniform.


         There will be several tournament travel teams that will play in some weekend tournaments



I hereby authorize BBSB to obtain immediate medical treatment if deemed necessary ___YES  ___NO



In order to maintain a quality, wholesome, and family atmosphere, I do commit my child, my family, and myself to conduct ourselves in a respectable and cordial fashion towards umpires, coaches, league personnel, players and other spectators.  I agree to abide by the rules of the Blytheville Youth Sportsplex facilities and all league rules as established by the Blytheville Baseball/Softball Boosters.  I understand that if I do exhibit verbally or physically abusive, belligerent, disrespectful, uncooperative behavior or other conduct that is deemed inappropriate, I may be penalized up to and including removal from the Blytheville Youth Sportsplex for the duration of the entire 2017 regular and post-season play.


___________________________                                                __________________________

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