Here's some of your comments below:

I wanted to take this time to say thank you to an awesome group of girls. ( Savanah Graham, Hailey Gardner, Shelby Potter, Brooke Sweatman, Bethany Newcomb, Taylor Carmichael, Carah Keating, Ranteria Caruthers, D J Allen, Katie Johnson, Janequa Benson,  Ashlie Murphy, and Queen Diamond).  I coach the 16 & under Blazin Diamonds, and you have been an honor to get to know and coach.  I will cherish each moment spent on the field with each of you!  You have made me so proud to be apart of our team!  I know we have had some hard times on the field, but look how we stepped it up and showed we are a team to be taken seriously.  I would also like to thank Trish for being such a big help on the field, thanks girl, it was awesome getting to know you!   My wish for each of you girls is to be productive in life and follow your dreams no matter how big they are!  You can achieve them and never let anyone tell you different.  I hope to read of great things you have accomplished in your life.  I will never forget any of you...Again...thanks for being a wonderful bunch of young ladies...have a wonderful and safe summer, and if you need me...Im just a call away!...God bless each of you...Coach Charlotte

Hi Kenny, Jeff, and Sam, 

I just wanted to thank you guys for another great tournament. The kids and parents are still talking about what a great time they had in Blytheville. And I am not just talking about the team we brought this year, the boys from last year talk about it just as much. When the tournament in Indiana was canceled last year, Jeff went beyond the call of duty by calling Williamsport to allow us to play. I will never forget that phone call from Jeff saying we were in, or the look on the childrenís face when I told them what you had done for us. You guys truly are great hosts not only as a little league but as a city. We really appreciate the effort you guys put toward this event. You can also pat your city on the back for making us feel so welcome. The Holiday Inn treated us like we were their own by going out of their way to help us again, even with the amount of small children that were there. Even the local paper worked with me on sending the Blytheville news papers to my house with all of the write ups again, they do a terrific job.  

The little guys (8-9 and 10) and their parents are already working out details to come in the future if you will have them. I will do anything in my power to get them and as many states as possible there. I know by past experience (two years) that it should be a no-brainer to get other teams there once they hear about the great times we have had. On another note, I finally got to try your BBQ nachos. When I came down last year, I had the flu and never got to try them, they were awesome. Could you give me the recipe? I wonít tell anyone I promise. 

By the way, do you guys plan on holding a girls softball tournament in the future? I have a 2 year old daughter that I will be coaching in a few years and would like to treat her to the same great once in a lifetime experience that her brother had.

Thanks again, Jim Fetters Grandview Little League  Des Moines, Iowa 50317


Thank you very much for hosting this wonderful tournament.  We definitely enjoyed playing against, and getting to know, the other state championship teams and their families.  I also want to thank you for creating the round robin format for this year, so each team could play everyone else.  Having so many games and innings really helped me with my parents because I was able to (forced to) pitch a lot of different kids, catch a lot of kids, sub a lot of kids, ...And your fields are exceptional!  Kudos to Larry and his team for wonderfully maintaining them.  My one suggestion to improve the tournament is to have cooler weather!      Mike Shull, Tulsa, Oklahoma


Thanks to all the volunteers during the Regional Tournament.  We could not have done it without all your help. Also thanks to our sponsors that donated money to put it on. This is a wonderful ball park, Blytheville should be proud of our town and our park. Thanks to all the parents that came out to the tournament, the crowd was awesome Tuesday night. I am already looking forward to the 2009 Regional.   THANKS AGAIN.. kenny m. burge


A big thank you to everyone involved in providing a wonderful tournament!  It was the BEST experience for us.  I love your southern hospitality.  Patti Joelson, Grandview AllStars, Iowa


Congrats & a big thank you for a great season.  Randy and Donnie have been great all year.  I am already looking forward to next year.  All of you have been great and have had a positive impact on 10 players and a countless number of parents and fans.  Go Blythville 10's  ( soon to be Blytheville 11's ) S. Hickerson

I would like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone for their hospitality to our Pine Bluff Western Little League 11 & 12 year old All Stars during the State Tournament July 18th thru July 22nd. Everyone that we came in contact with was always very willing and went out of their way to help in anyway possible.  Your complex and fields were beautiful and we will always cherish our time in your town and at the sportsplex.  I would also like to say thank you to the Blytheville Courier Newspaper for their coverage on the state tournament.  I could tell that baseball was a big part of your community.  Unfortunately, this is the last year for many of these 12 players to play Little League and what a great and memorable experience this has been for both these players and their families.  Thanks again for being so hospitable to all of us.  Tammie Brown, Pine Bluff Western.


I just wanted to say we are now at the end of the 2008 softball year, and I have enjoyed meeting and making new friends on and off the field.  It has been a privilege knowing and working with each of you.  I hope I never offended any of you, and if I did, I apologize for that.  First, I would like to say thank you to my girls on the Zaxby's 12 and under team.  You are a great and fun bunch of young ladies.  Thank you for allowing me to be apart of the team.  You made me so proud in each game.  I have seen many of you struggle in the beginning of the year, yet you never gave up, and now that we are nearing the end of the season, you shine on the field.  I know we didn't take 1st place, but in your hearts, and your show of sportsmanship, you are first in my book!!!!!

I want to thank Tom Warren for letting me be apart of the coaching of the team, even though we may have had our slight differences, we made it!!!!  Your an okay person in my book.  Girls, I hope 6 to 7 years from now many of you will look back on this experience and know I remember when Coach Charlotte taught me that, I'm glad I listened.  Softball and many sports teach you many lessons: discipline, sportsmanship, team unity, pride, but mostly playing together as a team and being one on the field.  Each of you did a wonderful job in all of the above.  So keep working hard, and keep your chins up, I expect to read about you in the future about great things you have done with your life.  I cherish each memory I have of you....Coach Charlotte

I just wanted to let the Lion's Club Bulldogs (10 and under softball) know how proud I am of them. They are a great group of girls and I
consider myself lucky to have coached them. Thanks to all the girls and their parents for all the hard work they have put into this season! I
appreciate all of you!!!    Coach Jamie

Just wanted to let you know the tournament for the 11 year old division was a great tournament.   Please let the grounds crew know they did a wonderful job and we appreciate all the hard work they put in so we could have fun playing ball.  Thanks for the opportunity to play in the tournament. NEA 11's Coach David Groves

Coach Jay Bullard- Major League/Rotary-  You have made this season so much fun!  It has been about the game, and even when the kids are losing, they are still enjoying themselves.  Your humor and demeanor  with them speaks in volumes, and the teams unity is unbelievable.  You are much appreciated and admired.

Great game Zaxby Chicks 12 & under...your a great bunch of young ladies to coach.  Keep up the great job on the field.  Remember...stay with this program girls, and you will have great accomplishments!!  Thank you parents for letting me be apart of each of your childrens lessons learned on the softball field.  You should be proud of them!! Coach Charlotte

The Sportsplex has been a huge development for our city.  As a parent and a "dugout" mom, I can attest to the great opportunities for teachable moments that this provides our children. I just wanted to say thank you for those in leadership who have planned, worked, done all of the necessary paperwork, emails, and phone calls to not only bring this to Blytheville, but also to develop it and keep it updated.  Our family is personally thankful for this being one of the many bright spots in our city. 

Robert James and Michelle Cole
Proud Team Managers of:  Blake, John-Gavin, Jacob, and Nathanael :)

Just wanted to say...great game Zaxby Chicks 12 & under...keep up the great work...!!!!! Charlotte



I wanted to thank all of you at Blytheville Little League for letting us play in your tournament. The kids and parents are still talking about what a great time they had and what a great facility you have. I also wanted to thank Jeff for working so hard to get us in, and Sam for helping us find our way around. Jeff had mentioned he would like to make the tournament bigger and I would help in any way I can, just let me know what you would like for me to do. Thanks,  Jim Fetters  Grandview Little League  Des Moines, Iowa

I have had the privilege of being a part of this tournament every year since its conception and can attest to its evolvement.  Mr Smallmon and all the Blytheville crew seem to out do themselves every year and that only comes from commitment and dedication.  Even though I'm not from Blytheville, I am proud to be a part of Dist 4.  Everyone involved with this tournament from Jeff to all the volunteers, should be very proud of their accomplishments with this Tournament.  As Jeff said himself, ďhopefully one day there will be a world series at BlythevilleĒ.   There is one common denominator here and the main reason all of us coach, umpire, volunteer, cheer, and travel to games, The KIDS.   Without the kids, none of this would be possible.  From all the coaches, parents, fans and players at NEAR Central, we are very grateful of how well the entire staff from Blytheville and Mr. Smallmon has taken care of our kids during this tournament for the past 3 years.   Good Luck in the future and hopefully there will be more NEAR Central teams getting the opportunity to experience this level of competition and hospitality at the Cotton Classic.

Sincerely,  Ken MartinCoach:  NEA Central 11yr old


I just wanted to reiterate our thanks from Lamar Texas LL for inviting us up to the tournament this year.  You and your volunteers put on a tournament that has provided great memories for the kids and their families.  Everyone was so nice and accommodating.  And what a wonderful baseball facility!  I now know why Pat Combs and Craig Duvall from last years team recommended for us to come out to Blytheville and play.  Could you also pass on my thanks to Jeff, Kenny, Sam, and our scorekeeper for their volunteerism and hospitality?  I hope the city officials in Blytheville understand what a great benefit these individuals have provided for the city (both reputation and from a financial standpoint).  Thanks and God Bless Glenn Nohavitza

Coaches,Team and Bat Girl all done an amazing job at STATE! Way to go girls!!!    Watsons #15

Way to go FIRECRACKERS -- 8 & under Softball- 2nd in District!!! Good Luck at STATE TOURNEY In Russellville July 13th-15th!!! Ami Richardson


Great job as always guys on the job that you did in hosting the Junior district and Senior district/state tournaments this week.  As an umpire I always enjoy coming to Blytheville to work a tournament.  The fields are always in great shape and the staff at the complex always make you feel welcome and are very helpful.
The city of Blytheville should be proud of the job that Larry and his crew do to insure that Blytheville has the best playing fields in all of NE Arkansas.  The members of the BBSB are always there and insure that the tournaments are of the highest quality.  There are attentive to the needs of the fans, visiting staff, teams, and umpires.  These guys are proud of their program and it really shows.  Gale, Sam, John, Kenny and the rest of the guys give up many long hours to make your program a success.
Thanks again for being a big part of Little League.  I am looking forward to returning there in August as part of the umpire crew for the Senior regional tournament.
Ronnie Haynes


UNBELIEVABLE performance from the Blytheville 9's @ Heber Springs District Tournament!!!  They were the only team to go undefeated, 4 - 0!  We are so very proud of you in many ways; performance, representation and sportmanship.  Thanks to the fans and especially the Coaches ... Randy Scott, Donnie Wright and Gary Maddox!
State Tournament here we COME!!!
Jena Dye

want to say that I am so Proud of the Pre~Tech Tee~Ball team. They did SOOO good this year and had lots of talent. I want to say thanks to the DugOut Moms, Amanda and Barbara and the other Coachs Bryan, Daniel and Erica! My kids had a wonderful time this season and ALREADY canít wait to play again next Season.    Thanks Again     Tracey DeWitt


Congrats 10 & U Cardinals the regular season Champs! We are so proud of you girls! A huge thanks to our dedicated coaches-Joe Wood, Gary Sprouse, Paul Robertson & David Larkin

Jenn Pruett  Right-click here to download pictures. To help protect your privacy, Outlook prevented automatic download of this picture from the Internet.  


- Kaley Blankenship

I have been involved in several conversations about the game of baseball with parents and coaches.  Obviously, a gamut of opinions exitst on this topic, they seem to center around winning and/or having fun.  I decided to come here and share my opinion in hopes to offer others another perspective to the game. 

This is more than a game!  It's an amazing learning tool for future life experiences such as education, careers, relationships and overall coping skills.  Life, like a baseball position, is not going to be handed to our children!  They have to earn it.  To expect to be able to go toe to toe, stomp our feet or write complaints to a coach, a professor or a potential employer as to why our child deserves a position over someone else that has worked harder, is cheating our children and sending the wrong message.    
It IS all about how they play the game!  It starts with us as parents/grandparents, we need to be LIFE coaches for our children/grandchildren!  Respect, discipline, and motivation are the key components to being a better player in the game of baseball or life.  Combine these with a positive attitude, hard work, and dedication; success is inevitable whether "on" the field or "off" the field, as "individuals" and/or as "team" players!
As jagged as it sounds, life is about winning or loosing.  However in every loosing moment there's a lesson to be learned.  The message can vary from giving more effort or by recognizing and accepting what is or what is not their niche or position in life.  Then of course there are those elated moments when the reward of hard work pays off and life is fun! 
With that said, I'm thrilled with the Baseball Coaches my son has had the opportunity to work with; Randall Wren, Lance Eatmon, Donny Wright and Randy Scott.  All individual styles but all positively contributing as a team to my son's foundation. 
 I hope both leagues appreciate my life coaching and forgive me for my sideline coaching!   


Jena Dye 
Just wanted to say THANK YOU COACH JOE for being my coach  from matthew

I just wanted to say a huge thanks to J. Pruett for that wonderful blog comment. It's very well crafted and something we all should strive to remember! Let's give these hard working kids what they deserve to have--fun, good memories, and honest life lessons. Go--play hard kids! We are behind you 100%--cheering and supporting.

Thanks to everyone who works so hard to teach our kids these fundamentals, keep our ball field clean and in excellent repair, and give us some wholesome family time. Let's all remember how much hard work these coaches, commissioners, umps, and concession stand workers put into this. All of you do a magnificent job and I'm thankful my children have the honor of playing on your fields!
--Shea Wood

Comment: Parents, let the coaches, coach. That is their role. Remember sportsmanship, a team is a team, and parents, our job is to set a good example, as to the correct way to behave and we aren't on the team! If parents can't control themselves stay home. Keep your emotions out of the game.

Please understand, all parents should speak up for their children when it is necessary, but letís not forget tactfulness, respect, and a sense of maturity. I am sure all coaches do make an extra effort to be aware of all his players, their families, and the opinions and concerns of all. As sideline parents, coaches, and families, letís also make an extra effort to practice restraint and respect for each other when talking and expressing ourselves in front of our children. Letís hope future communications can remain calm and take place in an appropriate manner. The children are what are most important here, and we need to strive to be excellent role models for them all. As parents, let's not forget that we are not simply watching our kids on the field; they are watching us on the sidelines. Let's behave ourselves.

J Pruett


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